The Best Card and Board Games Enjoyed by the Family

Families have their favourite great games played anytime of the day. There are times when the family is stuck indoors or looking for a fun way to entertain the kids. During these times, board games and card games are the best way for the entire family to have great fun. They are entertaining and have high educational value.

Some of the time-tested board games enjoyed by the family are:



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Labyrinth. This is a great game that involves logic and ever-changing mazes. The game’s goal is for each player to collect the seven treasures found on their treasure cards. Game will start by shifting a maze at the beginning of your turn, putting logic, and strategy into play. The maze board is made up of individual squares. Adding an extra piece will shift an entire row, and consequently shifting all of the mazes passageways to create a new Labyrinth. Players are compelled to think and plan their moves ahead. Labyrinth is recommended for ages 8 and up, but adults can play it, too. 

Quiddler. This is a perfect card game for the family. It is called “the short word game” and it is easy to play, enhances strategic learning, and promotes cooperation. Players combine letters to make words – small words are just as valuable as big words. Bonus points are given for players with most words, longest word within a round. This come as a challenging feature for early readers and skilled word game players.

Rummikub. This is a fun, challenging, ever changing and always interesting board game. Kids don't see how it actually helps with math and logical thinking skills. The game is played with number tiles, each in one of four colors. The object of the game is to combine tiles into consecutive numbers in same color or sets until you have no tiles remaining. The game allows you to reuse and rearrange any tiles which have been played as long all tiles in play end up in a run or set at the end of your turn.

Online Video Poker: Progressive Jackpots

Payouts in video poker (also known as "online pokies" in australia) are given once your hand matches the specified hands on the game's payout table. Specific payouts are given to each winning combination. The higher the rank of this winning combination, the higher the fixed payout awarded to you. For example, the winning combination that is usually considered to have the highest rank is the Royal Flush. If you wagered the maximum bet and is able to obtain such a winning combination, then you obtain the highest payout or the jackpot prize in the poker variant. The only problem with this arrangement is that this jackpot prize does not increase no matter how many times you play the game. In comparison to other casino games with progressive jackpots, video poker with fixed jackpot payouts is definitely at a disadvantage. This is why casino software providers like Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic, started to develop video poker variants with progressive jackpots.

Microgaming Video Poker Progressives
For a long time now, Microgaming has been considered the most excellent in developing many innovative features found in many online casino games today. This is also true for video poker progressive games. This software provider released the two progressive video pokers with the highest payouts. These two games are: SupaJax and Jackpot Deuces. The first poker variant is based on the popular Jacks or Better poker game. SupaJax also offers fixed payouts for different hands and the highest of these payouts amount to 3,000 coins. You can only play the game with one choice for coin denomination, which is at $1. This means that the maximum amount of money you can win from SupaJax's fixed payouts is $3,000. To be eligible for the progressive jackpot in this game, you must wager a total of $5. In the game, you trigger the jackpot when you obtain a hand that consists of 4 jacks and the special SupaJax card. The highest jackpot ever reached in this poker variant is known to be $43,788. The progressive jackpot in the second progressive poker variant from Microgaming is triggered when you obtain a diamond Royal Flush.

Playtech Video Poker Progressives
As with Microgaming, Playtech also has two progressive video poker variants in their portfolio. These two are: 10-line Jacks or Better and Megajacks. The first one is a Jacks or Better game played with ten lines. The progressive jackpot in the game is triggered when you get a Royal Flush on the first line, provided that you wagered the maximum allowed bet. To emphasize that the first line is the one that determines the progressive jackpot, it is displayed to be larger than the other lines. If the Royal Flush appears in any other line, you get a fixed payout of 4,000 coins. The second progressive poker game from Playtech is played with one line only. As in the first variant, the progressive jackpot in this game is triggered when you get a Royal Flush on the line. 

Cryptologic Video Poker Progressives
Cryptologic only offers one progressive video poker in their online casinos. This variant is called Super Jackpot. The jackpot triggering is similar to how Playtech progressives hit their jackpot. However, this game is not as popular since the base game table is higher than the usual.